Thorell Gianina Guitars

Bill Inverso playing his Thorell "Gianina" Guitar:

The above ad was in the Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.

The following comments were taken from a forum discussing the Healdsburg Guitar Festival which Ryan sent a couple of guitars to but could not attend because of the birth of his second child, Stella. The link is:

"I was impressed with Ken Parkers Archtop. He had addressed the problem of truss rod adjustment on the fly, a long scale length, a neck completely detached from the body, and a powerful projection. The frets were a bit bumpy for me, and the price ...well ...I'd be too frightened to play it.

Ted Megas had a great Archtop but had huge bronze strings, and the frets again a little high. So it sounded great, but lighter warmer string may have muffled it a bit.

I was very sad that Ryan Thorell was nowhere to be seen. I was very interested in his nylon acoustic archtop.

All in all the Healdsburg Festival was a lot of fun. It would be nice if there was a shop somewhere that stocked a good selection of these beautiful instruments."


The last paragraph of Cliff's recent "New Arrivals" letter on his "Destroy All Guitars" Website:

"Last but certainly not least, I have a Ryan Thorell Gianina coming for myself. After playing the prototype, I absolutely could not resist. Ryan has captured the Unicorn by creating the guitar that many other great luthiers have chased for decades but couldn't quite capture. Playing a Nylon Archtop that works and functions at the highest level, projecting gorgeous sounds that make you never want to stop playing, is finally a reality. I could not possibly be more excited or anxious to receive this incredible guitar, as I'm counting down the days."


Cliff Cultreri, (Head of Destroy All Guitars) 

Austin Weyland playing the Gianina Guitar: