Austin Weyand - The Fingerstyle Virtuoso plays a Thorell "Corrina" Guitar

Included below are videos of Austin Weyand playing his "Corina" Guitar, information on his new CD, and an opportunity to hear him play the "Gianina" Guitar which is a unique nylon string archtop guitar.

Austin Weyland playing his Thorell "Corina" Guitar

Harmony Central Review of the Corina:

Links to Austin Weyand preforming some of his own music and a few others:

Austin Weyand's new CD is "Too Much Information"
To hear samples Austin's new CD and to order it, go to:
Here again is the title track from his new CD, "Too Much Information":

The Thorell "Gianina" Guitar

Thorell Fine Guitars, makers of the Frank Vignola "FV" Guitar, have another unique creation named the "Gianina" which is a Nylon String Archtop Guitar. The sound of this unique guitar is captured acoustically and performed by fingerstyle virtuoso Austin Weyand. The song performed is "House of Chuckles", the original arrangement is available on his new CD, "Too Much Information":
Harmony Central Review on the Thorell Gianina Guitar

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Austin Weyand plays a Thorell "Corrina" Guitar