2009 Montreal Guitar Show Reviews, Video

1. Review of the Montreal Guitar Show by Dave Walker. In it he states: "The assortment of archtop guitars was staggering (e.g. Manzer, Benedetto, Monteleone, Ribbecke, Graf etc.), but I was particularly taken with those of Ryan Thorell. Not only did the Thorell instrument make my playing sound good, but in the hands of Frank Vignola, the instrument absolutely sings."
Thanks Dave for your positive critic of Ryan's guitars! Here is the link to the entire article:
http://blog.davewalkermusic.com/?p=270 - (Read especially paragraph 4 and the end titled, Dr. Dave says.)

2. Here is a video taken as the Montreal Guitar Show was going on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LjbShMF3K0&feature=related

3. Great review of Frank Vignola and Ryan at the Montreal Guitar Show by Jazz Guitar Life: http://www.jazzguitarlife.com/Jazz-Guitar-Life-Reviews-Frank-Vignola-Trio-JazzFest2009.htm