The Gear Page - Thorell Guitars Discussion

Ryan is so busy with back ordered guitars that when he finishes a new guitar it is usually sent immediately. I always complain that I would like to get some professional pictures of these beautiful guitars but Ryan counters with the fact that the new owner has been waiting a long time for his guitar so he has to ship it off as soon as it is done. Living in Salt Lake City, 80 miles from Ryan, most the time I don't even get to see the finished guitars!

Here are some pictures taken recently by another new Thorell Guitar owner. These pictures, of the Thorell "FV Premium" Guitar, and a good discussion on Thorell Guitars has recently been posted on The Gear Page.(Great website - see link below) Thanks for posting these pictures and for being part of this discussion on Ryan's Guitars. I hope it is OK that I show your pictures. Click on his pictures to see an enlarged view.

***Here is a link to The Gear Page where these pictures were recently posted along with a good discussion about Thorell Guitars:

Here are two links to the Destroy All Guitars website as discussed on the Gear Page website above:
1. - click on the link to the second guitar down to see the Thorell "Frank Vignola" or "FV" Model.
2. - click on the link to the first guitar to see more pictures of the Thorell "FV Premium" Model which is also the guitar displayed in the above pictures.