Memories of the JazzSLC Guitar Masters Summit at the Capitol Theatre - 3/23/13

March 24, 2013 - The concert shown in the previous post was last night. The beautiful Capitol Theater Concert Hall was sold out! What fun it was to watch these masters of jazz guitar play beautiful music, love being together on stage, and enjoy the enthusiastic audience. What fun it was when they had the auditorium lights turned on in the middle of the concert to take pictures of the large sold out audience and them in front of it.. The only criticism I heard was that the concert went by way too quickly. Ryan Thorell enjoyed being able to have twelve of his guitars on display in the lobby. I think Frank Vignola tried out every single one as they were taken out of their cases. Bucky Pizzarelli sat down and gave a mini clinic on the Thorell Sweet E Guitar that was on display before the concert even started in the lobby to the applause of the group watching. How enjoyable it was when they asked to have the moon turned on which was part of the set for another show on the stage behind them and then spontaneously played at least seven songs with the word moon in the title. I felt it showed the kind of person Bucky Pizzarelli is when he asked Chelsie, Ryan's wife, if she played guitar. She said no and he said well you really should learn to play. Then he said, in a way that you knew he meant it, that when she gets back to New Jersey he wants her to stop by his house for a guitar lesson. Chelsie then said I may just take you up on that. Then Bucky replied that's great and we'll start right at the beginning. You could tell he really was ready to spend the whole afternoon teaching her how to play the guitar. Howard Alden and Gene Bertoncini both said how much they enjoyed being part of the concert and would love to come back. All of us who were at the concert would love to have them return. What warm and talented men and What A Night!

53 Pictures from the Guitar Masters Summit concert:
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