2009 NAMM Music Festival - Anaheim, California

Ryan Thorell is the owner and luthier at Thorell Fine Guitars. I am Ryan's father and was invited to go to the NAMM Music Festival in Anaheim, California and be a gofer running around doing whatever was needed while Ryan showed his guitars.
Until you have been there, it is hard to believe the massive size of this show. It seems there is every musical instrument represented there and by countless makers. I was a little discouraged as I looked at literally thousands of guitars on display. I thought how is any one even going to see Ryan's Guitars let alone have the time to play them. Ryan, on the other hand, was excited to get set up and have the show start. I hope the pictures I have selected will give you a glimpse into the incredible experience that is the NAMM Music Festival.

Ryan's Booth, share with JazzKat Amps

Tuning Guitars for the start of the Show

The NAMM Show gets busy very quickly! Ryan was being interviewed.

This picture, taken by Acustic Guitar Magazine, gives you some idea of the number of people.

Booth fills with people trying the guitars and others taking pictures.

John Pizzarelli

Andreas Oberg

More Picture from the Show:

The 2009 NAMM Music Festival provided a great opportunity for Ryan to meet many great people and show off his "Thorell Guitars".

The shows is over and it's time to pack up but what a great experience! (That's me, Ryan's Dad, next to the Star)